WEBINAR: The Power of Influence – How To Change Your Housebuilding Sales Game – With Gerry O’Brion

Looking to level up your housebuilding sales game?

This webinar with Gerry O’Brion, a well-known US sales and marketing maven is here to help you do just that.

As a keynote speaker and founder of “What Big Brands Know”, Gerry is regularly invited to share his wisdom at National Association of House Builders in the US.

“The Power of Influence: How To Change Your Housebuilding Sales Game” is a must-watch for those in the C-Suite.

We also anticipate the webinar will be highly relevant to all board directors in helping them think about developing their company & also personal brand.

Within the webinar, Gerry introduces a new way of approaching sales with an understanding of the psychology behind considered purchases, plus how you can use it to attract and influence your customers to make those much-needed sales.

Based upon conversations with Gerry, we expect that this will really be a game-changer for many housebuilding business leaders.



“I thought Gerry was really engaging and a great speaker. He had some really interesting points.”


“One of the best I have seen as relevant to selling business and yourself.”


“Really good presenter and very interesting topic given the current climate.”

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