People Management and Productivity – The Regional Chairman’s Perspective – With John Anderson and Andy Beasley

“People Management and Productivity – The Regional Chairman’s perspective” is here to help senior leaders not only survive but thrive despite the current challenges.

For this webinar, host and MD of Human Capital Group Gerard Ball is be joined by two sector stalwarts: John Anderson, Ex Regional Chairman of Berkley Group and Andy Beasley, Ex Regional Chairman of Bellway Plc.

They will be providing the Regional Chairman’s perspective of Managing Directors, Divisional Directors, their teams and productivity. Having “been there, done that”, their cumulative years of wisdom prove both insightful and impactful at a time when much still seems unclear.

There is a specific focus on:

1) What Regional Chairman are wanting from their Managing Directors and Division Directors in this post COVID-19 period
2) How you can adjust how your teams work together for maximum efficiency
3) Doing things differently and managing in a crisis
4) What else you can do to help your teams stay on track




“I enjoyed the webinar, the two presenters were very experienced in their field and there comments and thoughts were useful and informative.”


“Enjoyed it. Thought-provoking.”


“Very good, thanks.”

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