How To Sell New Build Houses During & After COVID-19 – with Jason Forrest

Are you an Owner, CEO, Director or Senior Leader within sales in the Housebuilding industry?

Want to know how to sell new build houses in the current climate?

In this webinar, MD of HCG, Gerard Ball is joined by Jason Forrest, MBA, best selling author and Founder of FPG, to discuss a particularly pertinent issue in the current climate: “How to Sell New Build Houses During & After COVID-19”.

Tying into both cashflow and mindset, Jason has over 19 years combined experience in sales and housebuilding – making him somewhat an authority on selling in challenging times.

There are four keys to success that Jason covers:

MINDSET – The importance of leaders and sales teams adopting the right mindset during COVID-19 (and what that mindset is).

SKILLS – The skill-sets that you need to identify in your new build sales teams to survive COVID-19.

OPPORTUNITIES – The opportunity presented selling houses online, and how to dominate your competition in the process.

PERFORMANCE – The new KPI’s you should be focussed on during COVID-19 and times of crisis.

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