The Modern Housebuilder Company and Productive Remote Working With Karen Eyre-White

With guest Karen Eyre-White, this webinar explores the second key to a resilient Housebuilder business: productivity.

As a productivity coach & founder of Go Do, Karen helps busy, overwhelmed people get more done – especially when working remotely.

With COVID-19 making remote working the new norm, it is something that the modern housebuilding company needs to embrace – not only to attract and retain the best talent but to ensure the survival of their business.

The topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How to set yourself up to be more productive when working from home, by maintaining boundaries between home and work, structuring your time, and staying focused
  • The rules for managing a remote team effectively
  • What HR and business leaders need to be thinking about now and post COVID-19 to create a more productive remote culture

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